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Sprinkler Service and Repairs in Bergen County, New JerseyProtect your lawn and landscape with a properly maintained and tuned up Sprinkler System. If you haven't had you're sprinkler system inspected annually, chances are it's not working at its full potential. The lawn and irrigation experts at R&S Landscaping are trained to evaluate and optimize your system to make sure it is meeting your current landscaping needs.

We do not install new sprinkler / irrigation systems. Only Service and Upgrade Exisiting Systems

Sprinkler Spring Start Up & Repairs

Spring Start Up (April to June)
Charge main line and backflow. Pressure test main line and check for leaks. Run all zones and inspect for proper operation. Adjust all heads for optimal coverage. Test controller for proper performance and program for spring run times, based upon your individual lawn and landscape needs.

Inspect rain sensor and test if applicable. Any necessary repairs or alterations can be performed at an additional charge after consultation with client.

Sprinkler Summer Inspection

Summer Inspection (July to August)
Main line will be tested for pressure loss and leaks. The systems will be inspected on a zone-by-zone basis for proper operation. The controller will be tested for proper performance and programmed for summer run times, based upon your individual lawn and landscape needs. Any necessary repairs or alterations can be performed at an additional charge after consultation with client.

Sprinkler System Winterization/Shutdown

Winter Blowout (October to November)
Main water source to be closed and tagged “Sprinkler Shut Off – Do Not Use”. The system mains, zone and lateral lines, will be purged of water using a high volume air compressor. Controller will be set to “Stand-by” operation. All winterizations are guaranteed against freeze damage, providing main valve is working properly and is not reopened during freezing weather, and R&S Landscaping performs the Spring Start Up the following season.

Annual Service Agreements

No hassle annual service agreements for your piece of mind and ease of service. We combine our three services, Spring Start up, Mid Season Check and Fall Shutdown into one easy contract and payment and automatically call you to schedule your service at the appropriate times.

There are endless problems that can cause a residential or commercial irrigation system to fail. When your system isn't living up to your expectations, call the sprinkler system experts at R&S Landscaping and we'll locate the problem quickly and get it fixed. Let us get your system back to its peak so you're lawn becomes the neighborhood showpiece you deserve.

  • Timer/Controller Upgrades
  • WiFi App Controlled Systems
  • DRIP systems
  • Wireless Rain Sensors
  • Weather Based Control Systems

Eco-Earth Approach to Sprinklers and Irrigation

An efficient and properly maintained sprinkler system can be a convenient and valuable tool when irrigating your landscape. However, if used improperly, it results in substantial amounts of water waste. We recommend our customers use a combination of smart irrigation technology, regular water audits, and water saving irrigation systems such as DRIP systems to reduce water use. R&S Landscaping specializes in eco-friendly and efficient sprinkler systems for residents in northern Bergen County, New Jersey.

Smart Irrigation Technology
Smart Controllers and Rain Sensors measure the weather conditions at your home and automatically adjust to the watering times accordingly. This effectively reduces water waste and prevents over watering.

Water Use Inspections
The older your system is, the less likely it is to perform properly, resulting in wasted water and higher bills for you, as well as less water for everyone. We are trained and Certified Landscape Contractors and as such can help you protect both your investment and future costs by performing a complete water use inspection on your property.

DRIP Systems
Unlike traditional irrigation systems, DRIP irrigation will provide water to your plantings at the root level. This means the system will only water where it is needed, no more, no less. This cuts down on water  wasted and the loss of water due to evaporation, saving you money for years after the installation is finished.

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