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Pest & Disease Monitoring

Plant Care and Protection in Bergen County, New JerseyR&S Landscaping offers plant protection programs in all of northern Bergen County, New Jersey and we can create a monthly customized inspection program to ensure the health of your property’s plant life. Our Spring / Summer and  Fall / Winter plant protection programs have been developed as an environmentally friendly way to control landscape pests and disease problems.

  • Monitoring
    We monitor your property on a monthly basis and use preventive measures to maintain the health of your trees and shrubs. Our trained specialist will thoroughly evaluate any disease, fungus or pest problem, ID it and the stage of its life cycle before treatment is applied. Consider it insurance on your investment.

  • Pest & Disease Management
    We take into consideration current environmental conditions like Growing Degree Days (GDD’s), temperature, humidity, and other factors before any applications are made. This Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach reduces pesticide use while keeping your plants healthier. IPM includes many general aspects of plant management such as environmental control and cultural practices e.g. irrigation, fertilization, growth regulation.

  • Fertilizer & Deep Root Feeding
    Our Spring organic fertilizer application and fall deep root feeding ensure healthier and more pest resistant plants, thus reducing the need for pesticides through the season. All treatments are based on Rutgers University recommendations and are updated annually. All applications are made by a licensed New Jersey applicator who is certified in turf and ornamentals.

  • Deer Control
    Deer & Critter Repellent applications deter feeding. The liquid solution is applied to plants on which deer like to feast. For best results, the solution should be applied on a monthly basis. Our repellent is an odorless, 100% organic deer repellent and will not damage your plants or pose a threat to other wildlife.

  • Dormant Season Trimming
    This is the only way to correct over grown shrubs. Plus, dormant season trimming helps trees and shrubs endure damage from severe winter weather, paving the way for healthy growth in the Spring.

  • Anti-Desiccant
    Organic concentrate is sprayed onto broad leaf evergreens in the late fall to provide protection from Winter burn and dieback. This product is the best protection for your evergreen plants through the harsh Winter months.

Plant Health Care

R&S Landscaping provides knowledgeable Plant Health Care technicians to perform monthly monitoring of all your ornamental landscape trees and shrubs. We do not offer blanket (entire property) treatments.

Our technicians consider factors such as time of year, temperature, humidity, and rainfall to determine times when insect or diseases may be active. Then we only apply treatments if plant damage is a possibility. By knowing, using, and monitoring these factors, our experts know the best time to apply or not to apply the necessary treatments.

If and when possible our technicians will use organic based products or set insect traps. Our early spring organic fertilizers are a great way to give your plantings a boost after another rough New Jersey winter. These proven techniques of overall landscape health management have allowed us to limit pesticide applications.

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