Keeping Your Lawn and Beds Maintained

Weekly Lawn & Bed Maintenance  R&S Landscaping provides residential lawn mowing services from April to October 15th of each year. This weekly lawn service from our landscaping professionals includes edging sidewalks and curbs, cultivating and weeding (as needed), recycling grass clippings, and finally blowing down all walkways, patios, and driveways. You can expect the lawn experts at R&S Landscaping to be experienced, timely, and professional. Spring Clean Ups In Bergen County, homeowners know that cleaning up their property for Spring is a big job. The professionals at R&S Landscaping know just what to do and how to do it right! We remove winter... Read The Rest
Get and Maintain a Healthy Lawn

R&S Landscaping understands that a beautiful, healthy lawn is one of the most important aspects of your outdoor space. Many Bergen County homeowners value their lawn as much as their home since your lawn is one of the biggest parts of your home’s exterior look and curbside appeal.  Our annual program maintains the average healthy lawn and is effective in improving stressed lawns. On average, it takes two years to build a healthy lawn. In the first year, we concentrate on bringing current problems under control and improving existing turf. Aeration and Lawn Thatch Removal Producing small plugs (holes) in your soil, we... Read The Rest
Pest & Disease Monitoring

R&S Landscaping offers plant protection programs in all of northern Bergen County, New Jersey and we can create a monthly customized inspection program to ensure the health of your property’s plant life. Our Spring / Summer and  Fall / Winter plant protection programs have been developed as an environmentally friendly way to control landscape pests and disease problems. MonitoringWe monitor your property on a monthly basis and use preventive measures to maintain the health of your trees and shrubs. Our trained specialist will thoroughly evaluate any disease, fungus or pest problem, ID it and the stage of its life cycle before... Read The Rest
Pavers, Walkways, Driveways, and more!

R&S Landscaping specializes in providing complete property maintenance services in all of northern Bergen County, New Jersey. You can depend on us for professional interior and exterior cleaning services, snow removal, complete landscape installs, and routine property / grounds maintenance. We have experienced professionals and all of the proper equipment to properly maintain your property year-round.  Power Washing / Pressure Washing Available for patios, steps & walkways ONLY. Power Washing / Pressure Washing services are available throughout the year as requested. It is performed at an per hour / per man. Please call (201) 447-6205 for details. Paver Repair Our team can repair sunken... Read The Rest
Seasonal Care of Perennials

Is your garden overgrown? Not sure where to start or what to plant? Not sure what or how to prune? Need to add color and interest? R&S Landscaping helps with perennial flower care and installation, adding annual flowers, containers and more! Enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor space through the tender care and nurturing provided by our talented specialty gardens. R&S Landscaping offers specialty gardening care to northern Bergen County. Our professionals will attend your garden’s needs regularly, and care for your flower beds, borders, and containers in the spring, fall, or any time in between. Containers, Transplanting, Pruning, Weeding & More Spring... Read The Rest
Seasonal Color Rotations- Spring-Summer-Fall

R&S Landscaping in Bergen County, New Jersey offers a variety of colorful flower planting installation and maintenance options. Containers, Transplanting, Pruning, Weeding & More Spring Bulbs Summer Color Fall Color Fall Harvest Displays Container and planter design and installation Varying seasonal interest Perennial and annual flower care Weeding, deadheading, transplanting, fertilizing, and dividing Selective hand pruning Vacation plant care Creative annual beds and borders Special event flower display Rose Garden Care ... Read The Rest
Add Your Personality to Your Outdoor Living Space

R&S Landscaping in Bergen County, New Jersey offers a wide variety of additional garden enhancements to further beautify your home's landscape. Our expert landscape design consultants can help make your specialty landscape dreams a reality. With years of experience designing and maintaining local landscapes, R&S Landscaping will partner with you to make your individual garden enhancements a perfect fit for your own unique vision. Garden Enhancements Adding plants for color, texture and contrast Improving curb appeal Changing seasonal interest Expert plant selection Putting the right plant in the right place Small changes that can make significant improvement Renovating overgrown foundation plantings Small garden design Bird and Wildlife Focus Gardens Butterfly Gardens English Cottage... Read The Rest
Protection Across All Seasons

R&S Landscaping is proud to provide Plant Protection Programs for all of Northern Bergen County, New Jersey. Our programs will keep your plants in tip-top shape, no matter the season. With our monthly inspections, we can ensure the health of your plants and come up with programs that will treat them if necessary. All of our programs, no matter the season, are environmentally friendly and can control whatever kinds of pests you might be dealing with. So you won't have to worry about anything ruining the beautiful landscaping on your property. Plant Protection Programs For All Seasons R&S Landscaping offers plant protection programs... Read The Rest
Get Help Improving Your Landscape!

Start over? Upgrade? Not sure what to do? Want to add a patio? Add Privacy?  Create a place to relax outside?  Are your shrubs overgrown?  Need more color in the garden? Not sure what to plant where?  R&S can help. The award winning landscape design team at R&S Landscaping has the experience and knowledge to improve or completely transform your current residential landscape into a functional and attractive outdoor room. Our designers provide you with ideas that are appropriate to your home's architecture, tastes, budget and lifestyle. We provide expert guidance and recommendations on appropriate material selection, project phasing and manage all... Read The Rest
Hardscape Design and Installation

Adding any hardscape design element to your home can greatly improve the attractiveness and use of your home and surrounding property. Think about adding new outdoor patio, improving the appearance and space of your driveway, creating or expanding the walkways leading to your entrances, or installing uniquely design raised-flower-beds. Our hardscape design and installation professionals can do it! R&S Landscaping specializes in hardscape design and installation, including hardscape lighting, and can use a wide variety of durable and beautiful materials. We work with the most popular masonry material, like concrete pavers, stepper stones, bluestones, flagstones, travertines, limestones, slates, and fieldstones among... Read The Rest
Bergen County Irrigation Specialists

Protect your lawn and landscape with a properly maintained and tuned up Sprinkler System. If you haven't had you're sprinkler system inspected annually, chances are it's not working at its full potential. The lawn and irrigation experts at R&S Landscaping are trained to evaluate and optimize your system to make sure it is meeting your current landscaping needs. We do not install new sprinkler / irrigation systems. Only Service and Upgrade Exisiting Systems Sprinkler Spring Start Up & Repairs Spring Start Up (April to June)Charge main line and backflow. Pressure test main line and check for leaks. Run all zones and inspect for... Read The Rest
Get Your Landscape Lighting System Running Smoothly

R&S Landscaping will gladly repair or perform maintenance on your outdoor landscape lighting system in northern Bergen County, New Jersey, even if we didn't originally install it. Most landscape lighting systems should have professional maintenance performed periodically to maintain overall peak performance. Outdoor landscape lights such as path iights, well lights and bullet lights go through a lot in a year, which is why we recommend scheduling routine maintenance checks with us to make outdoor landscape lighting repairs. We can work with almost any landscape lighting system that may need repairs. Some of the things R&S Landscaping will focus on when repairing... Read The Rest
New Landscape Lighting System Installation & Upgrade Older Lighting Systems

Path & Step Lighting subtly highlights and defines walkways, paths, steps, sidewalks, pools & buildings. Perfectly lit for optimum exterior security. Moonlighting is a soft cast of low voltage light that is created by projecting light downward from a shrouded light mounted in a tree, creating natural shadows and movement without glare. Creating instant ambiance for your backyard retreat by the pool or patio. Accent Lighting creates focal points, highlights architectural features and provides a feeling of depth and interest in the landscape. Up Lighting is achieved by the placement of a concealed light source that illuminates and highlights the landscape and the exterior facade of your... Read The Rest
Let Your Worries Melt Away While We Work to Minimize Your Risk

Are you a business owner or property manager wanting to avoid costly injury claims, slip and fall lawsuits? Looking to prevent loss of retail business due to snow and ice? R&S Landscaping offers dependable Bergen County commercial snow removal services Manage storm and blizzard conditions and get back to business. Parking Lots, Steps, Pathways & More We keep your business accessible and your patrons safe during and after any snow storm. Reliable Snow Plowing Service 24/7 Parking Lots Roadways Entrances Driveways Walkways & Steps De-icing Applications for Safety We also provide commercial snow removal services for service apartment complexes, condominium associations, and retail businesses, office complexes, and religious facilities.... Read The Rest

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