Plant Protection Programs

Protection Across All Seasons

Plant Protection Programs

R&S Landscaping is proud to provide Plant Protection Programs for all of Northern Bergen County, New Jersey. Our programs will keep your plants in tip-top shape, no matter the season. With our monthly inspections, we can ensure the health of your plants and come up with programs that will treat them if necessary.

All of our programs, no matter the season, are environmentally friendly and can control whatever kinds of pests you might be dealing with. So you won't have to worry about anything ruining the beautiful landscaping on your property.

Plant Protection Programs For All Seasons

R&S Landscaping offers plant protection programs in all of northern Bergen County, New Jersey and we can create a monthly customized inspection program to ensure the health of your property’s plant life. Our Spring / Summer and  Fall / Winter plant protection programs have been developed as an environmentally friendly way to control landscape pests and disease problems.

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