Getting To Know Your New Lighting System

Lighting System Maintenance

Congratulations on the purchase of your new lighting system. The following information should answer many of the questions you may have about your new lighting system, as well as serve as a reference in the future.

Here are the major components of your new lighting system


The transformer, the black or silver box commonly mounted outside your home is the control system & power source of your lighting system. The transformer takes line voltage 110V and converts in into safe low voltage of 12V. You may have more than one transformer depending upon the size of your property and the number of lighting fixtures installed. Please refer to your system information and warranty package to determine the exact location of your transformers.


The timer, together with the photocell, determines when your lighting system will come on and off. You can use either one (timer or photocell) independently or together to control your lights as needed. The timer needs to have the correct time of day set prior to using the lighting system, and will need to be reset during daylight savings. You can set exact time of day for your lights to turn on and off using this device.


The photocell works by monitoring the amount of daylight and turning the system on and off when needed, by itself for dusk to dawn operation, or with the timer for other options, such as on at dusk, off at a time set on the timer.

Lighting System Maintenance Tips

The following lighting maintenance tips are recommended to keep your low-voltage lighting system working efficiently.

  • Re-aim lights that have moved or need relocating due to plant growth.
  • Clean out debris that has collected in well lights.
  • Clean protective glass lenses to ensure that your lights are their brightest.
  • Check all bulbs for looseness and tighten as necessary. Replace burned out bulbs.
  • Adjust timer for the season.
  • Inspect tree/moonlight wiring for excessive tension.
  • Bury any exposed wiring.

Often when an individual light bulb goes out, the extra voltage will cause the failure of additional bulbs on that circuit. This is one reason to inspect and service your lights routinely. Please check all bulbs and replace any bulbs that have gone out, re-aim any lights that have moved or are being blocked due to plant growth and bury any wiring that may have become exposed

Don’t have the time to do it yourself? R&S Landscaping provides complete lighting service as well as upgrades of existing systems.

*Charges will be based on the actual hours needed to perform the above services

The above services will be billed at $75.00 per hour, with a minimum charge of $75.00. Charges are for the above services do not include any parts or repairs. Additional parts and service must be authorized by client and will be billed separately.

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