Grounds & Lawn Maintenance

What else can I do to make sure my property will not be damaged?

At R&S Landscaping, we try and take the utmost care with your property and items in your lawn. However, with some things it is not possible to completely avoid hitting them. With items such as wooden fences, play sets, lawn furniture or mailbox posts, we recommend putting a barrier around this items to avoid them being hit with the line trimmer. 

In addition, as much as we try to avoid young trees, they often seem to fall prey to yard services if they are not planted in a tree ring or protected with a barrier. We also ask that you please remove all small items from your lawn to avoid damage to the items, your property or one of our crew members or anyone nearby. Small items include: small toys, hoses, pet waste and rocks. Please ensure a proper inspection of your yard for rocks, as hitting these rocks with our equipment could cause them to fly into windows or other objects. 

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