Preparing to Safely Gather Again

7 Tips To Get Your Yard Ready For Spring and Summer Gatherings

2023-03-15 | R&S Landscaping

Now that Spring is officially here, we can look forward to gathering with friends, family and loved ones outdoors, sharing a meal and a laugh with those that we have been away from for far too long. We all look forward to a return to normalcy. As the excitement to see our friends and family grows, so does the to-do list of ways to prepare your garden and outdoor spaces for enjoying with visitors. The... Read More

How To Get Your Yard & GardenReady

Prepping Your Yard For Spring

2023-03-15 | R&S Landscaping

Each year when warmer temperatures start to creep into April,  the excitement for spring's  arrival grows. Many days begin to consist of daydreaming about the beautiful flowers that come with the welcome rays of sunshine. But for some, just sitting in your favorite lawn chair and soaking in the rays is enough to get you antsy for the arrival of spring. It’s easy to get swept up by the longer days and more frequent sunshine,... Read More

Address Problems Early Before It's Too Late

Spring/Summer Plant Protection

2023-03-15 | R&S Landscaping

Early Care Prevents Future Problems As we move further into spring, it becomes more important for homeowners to consider the health of their plants that are emerging from their winter dormancy. Like plants, insects re-emerge as temps warm after a long winter and begin to emerge & reproduce. These insects, if not identified and addressed early, can cause tremendous and costly damage to the garden. In the warmer weather, insect pests such as Japanese beetles... Read More

It's Time to Go Outside

Fun Gardening Projects to Consider

2023-03-14 | R&S Landscaping

Plant Flower Pots & Containers As spring arrives and warms our days, our outdoor spaces call to us. There is healing in the garden as it’s been proven that being outside improves our mood, relieves stress and boosts our immune system. It’s time to open the doors and get outside.   It may be too early in the season for serious gardening, but there are several fun outdoor projects that can be accomplished in a... Read More

It’s Time to Check On Your Perennials

Spring Perennial Plant Care

2022-04-10 | R&S Landscaping

Many of us plant perennials because they continue to grow and bloom long after we have introduced them into our gardens.  Annuals, with their one to two season lifespans, may be exciting, but perennials are the plants that we depend upon year after year. They provide stability and a return on investment in our gardens. And they are beautiful. Healthy, happy perennials tend to grow without much fuss which means that they can be... Read More