Spring/Summer Plant Protection

Address Problems Early Before It's Too Late

2023-03-15Updated: 2023-03-04 R&S Landscaping

Early Care Prevents Future Problems

As we move further into spring, it becomes more important for homeowners to consider the health of their plants that are emerging from their winter dormancy. Like plants, insects re-emerge as temps warm after a long winter and begin to emerge & reproduce. These insects, if not identified and addressed early, can cause tremendous and costly damage to the garden.

In the warmer weather, insect pests such as Japanese beetles and wooly adelgids populate the landscape and set about to cause potential damage. But even more threatening are the spider mites and lace bug populations. These are especially worrisome because they will have multiple generations reproducing in one season, thereby potentially increasing their numbers exponentially by the summer.


Invest in Monthly Monitoring -  Environmentally Friendly 

To address these pest-control issues, R&S Landscaping offers Monthly Monitoring an important  ongoing service that schedules a monthly inspection of your property. During this examination, a professional will examine trees, shrubs & plant surfaces, and other garden areas for signs of disease and insect habitation- a proactive approach that identifies and treats problems before they become costly. Monthly inspections reduce pesticide use and are  an insurance policy against future, possibly devastating damage to your outdoor spaces that are easily prevented when addressed early and often.

Monthly Monitoring  is not only effective, but it is environmentally friendly and does not harm people, pets, wildlife, and the Earth. 

Horticultural Oil- Safe & Proactive 

Plant care professionals achieve insect control treating trees and shrubs with an all-natural Horticultural Oil that smothers insect eggs to prevent their hatch and creates a lustrous shine on the plants’ leaves.  This standard, preventative measure is the first step in creating an outdoor space full of beautiful, shining leaves and empty of unwanted harmful insects.

It is important to address insect reproduction in shrubs and trees before the insects become infestations. The application of Horticultural Oil in early spring is an easy way to address these issues before they become costly problems.

Not All Insects Are Pestsladybug

Keep in mind that not all insect activity is a threat. The ladybug and praying mantis are actually beneficial to your garden because they feed on these damaging insects, and not on your landscape. Green lacewings consume insect larva and butterflies and bees spend their days generously pollinating plants. Most spiders are welcome guests in the garden as they catch and destroy dangerous pests. R&S Technicians identify and protect these welcome creatures as they work hard to protect the health of your garden.

Professional Pest Control Matters

>The commercial pest control options sold in garden centers are a one-size-fits-all solution to a complicated problem.  The chemicals in these products may kill garden pests, but they do not discriminate: all insects are subject to destruction. It causes more damage to a garden to kill the many beneficial and cooperative insects that live there.  Additionally, these products can be environmentally harmful and poisonous for people and animals. This is why professional pest control done on a regular schedule is the ideal solution for maintaining the overall health of your outdoor spaces. 

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