Lighting System Design & Installation

New Landscape Lighting System Installation & Upgrade Older Lighting Systems

Landscape Lighting Design and Installations in Bergen County, New JerseyPath & Step Lighting subtly highlights and defines walkways, paths, steps, sidewalks, pools & buildings. Perfectly lit for optimum exterior security.

Moonlighting is a soft cast of low voltage light that is created by projecting light downward from a shrouded light mounted in a tree, creating natural shadows and movement without glare. Creating instant ambiance for your backyard retreat by the pool or patio.

Accent Lighting creates focal points, highlights architectural features and provides a feeling of depth and interest in the landscape.

Up Lighting is achieved by the placement of a concealed light source that illuminates and highlights the landscape and the exterior facade of your home.

Landscaping Lighting Benefits

  • Security
    Help protect your property from theft and trespassing.  Consider strategically placed low voltage lights evenly distributed around the property.  This not only looks better, but avoids the shadows in unseen areas created by glaring lights.

  • Safety
    Low voltage lighting illuminating walkways and entranceways ensures you and your guests can safely navigate through the property.

  • Beauty
    Landscape lighting helps define textures, shapes and structures while evoking a range of positive emotional responses.  Good landscape lighting designs can be subtle or dynamic and dramatic.

  • Usability
    Well positioned and proper lighting allows the homeowner and their guests to enjoy decks, pools, patios, sitting areas and more outdoor space, after the sun sets.

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