Important Care For Your New Sod Installation

Sod Aftercare Instructions

Watering Instructions

It is critical that new sod is thoroughly and consistently watered until it has completely rooted. This will take up to three weeks. All areas must be kept moist.

Special attention of edges bordering sidewalks and patios is needed as these areas will dry out faster and require additional water. Water should penetrate 2” below sod and into soil. You can check if enough water has been applied by lifting a corner, the soil under the sod should be dark and moist.

The soil must not be allowed to become dry! Avoid walking on new sod when it is wet as this causes sinking and an uneven surface. If you have a sprinkler system, it can be set for multiple run times throughout the day to provide consistent moisture. For help with sprinkler settings contract your irrigation technician.

Avoid over-watering as this can cause root rot problems.

New Sod Mowing Instruction

Sod must be cut 10-12 days after installation, or when sod has rooted. Do not water for 2 days before sod is to be cut. Sod should be cut at a height of 2 1/2-3”. Resume watering after cutting. Do not use a riding mower or heavy machinery to cut the sod the first month. Only cut with a push mower.

Sod Fertilizing

You should begin to fertilize your lawn in three weeks, after your first mowing. We can recommend the correct blend of fertilizer for your type of grass.

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