Watering and Mowing Instructions

Seeded Lawn Aftercare Instructions

New Seed Watering Instructions

All seeded areas should be lightly moistened to keep the soil dark with moisture. Soil must never become dry after seeding. Soil dries out very fast on sunny and windy days.

Watering throughout the day multiple times- morning, noon, and night is best. Do not over water and try to avoid puddles. Watering once a day will not be adequate...

Grass can germinate in as few as 5 days or up to 3 weeks. This depends on soil temperature and the amount of moisture available.

As you begin to see “green”, watering can be reduced to once a day. Newly established grass can burn and die easily when weather is hot.

Continue to water your new lawn once it has established. Watering in early morning, two to three times a week will be sufficient.

Seed Mulch is used to protect your seedlings from sun, erosion and puddling. Once the seed has rooted, the seed mulch will degrade naturally.

New Seed Mowing Instructions

New grass should be cut when 3” of growth has occurred. Do not water for 2 days before lawn is to be cut. Grass should be cut at a height of 2 ½”. Resume watering after cutting. Do not use riding mower or heavy machinery to cut grass for the first 2 months.

New Seed Fertilizing

You should begin to fertilize your lawn in three weeks, after your first mowing. We can recommend the correct blend of fertilizer for your type of grass.

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