Guard From Insects, Mulch, Deer & Winter Elements

Plant Protection

Insect & Disease Control

Throughout the growing season check plants for signs of insects or disease such as leaf discoloration and distorted growth. If you notice abnormality in your plants’ appearance and cannot identify the insect or disease, call to have one of our Specialty Gardeners come to your property to diagnose the problem and recommend proper treatment.


Plant beds and roots should be covered with 2 of shredded bark mulch. Mulch helps conserve water, control weeds, and erosion, and maintain a constant soil temperature — necessary for root growth. As mulch decomposes, it adds organic matter to the soil and improves soil texture. Plus, it looks great. We recommend mulching annually or when less than 2” thick.

Deer Control

If your neighborhood is prone to deer, you must consider protecting your plantings. Deer can devastate your landscape plantings if not protected. Depending on the size of your deer population, monthly deer repellent spraying and or netting may protect your plants

Winter Plant Protection

Broad leaf evergreens should be sprayed with an anti-desiccant to protect from winter injury due to moisture loss. This helps from plant drying out and getting “winter burn”. Please contact our office to schedule your anti-desiccant spraying.

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