Wrap Around a Tree & Fill It With Water

Gator Bag Watering Instructions

There comes a point where it becomes impractical to extend a drip irrigation line too far into your yard or to a remote setting of your landscape. A Gator Bag installed around your trees and shrubs can alleviate this problem. Gator Bags are made of a green UV-protected plastic that hold water to release over a period of time. The water is released via two small holes at the bottom of the bag which eliminates any run off.


  • Place back of bag against trunk, with zippers on the uphill side of tree
  • Wrap both sides around trunk until zippers meet together
  • Zip both sides of bag together from bottom to top


  • Lift up tag at top of bag to expose fill opening
  • Insert water hose (up to 3" dia.), into fill opening, turn on water supply and begin filling
  • Fill bag only to approximately 1/4 capacity, then proceed to Step 3 below


  • Gently lift up on the two black straps at top of bag in order to fully expand bottom
  • Do not hang or suspend bag by black straps
  • If desired, add pre-mixed water soluble fertilizer and/or nutrients


  • Fill bag with water to desired level and let drain. Bag will be empty in approximately 5 to 9 hours
  • Fill bag every 2 days
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