Easy Maintenance Tips For Your Drainage System

Drainage System Maintenance

Landscape drainage systems require annual inspection and maintenance.

If your downspouts are connected or piped underground to a seepage pit, pop up drain or trenched to a curb/street outlet or if you have a drain basin or grate in the driveway, patio or garden then annual inspection is required.

This article will give you some easy maintenance tips.

A drain basin, normally a 24” box that is installed flush with the ground has a top grate which collects water run-off. The basin is designed to allow sediment and fine particles settle in the bottom of the basin thus keeping pipes from clogging. It is normal to see water in the bottom of a drain basin. After time and multiple heavy rains your basin may become full of silt, soil, mulch or sludge. This buildup needs to be removed to keep your drainage system functioning properly.

Steps for maintaining your drainage system:

  • Remove the basin grate or pop up drain cap and clean all the sludge and debris that has accumulated with a garden hose.
  • Run water through the basin or pop up cap and check that the end of the pipe is not obstructed with debris and the water flows freely.
  • Cleaning and testing your drainage system annually will prevent costly repairs. If you have any questions or need your drainage system serviced, please contact us.
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