Robert Schucker

Robert studied at Rutgers’ Cook College and founded R&S Landscaping as a one-man mowing service in 1984. He is a Certified Landscape Professional and New Jersey Certified Irrigation Contractor, and is a member of the New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association and PLANET, the Professional Landcare Network.

Julienne Watson

General Manager

Julienne Watson

Julie Watson is the General Manager at R&S Landscaping. She oversees all maintenance, gardening, lawn care, enhancement, construction, irrigation, lighting and plant protection teams. Julie has a vast knowledge of horticulture and turf care practices. She facilitates communication between our clients and crews to ensure an excellent customer service. She studied at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Design. Since joining R&S Landscaping in 2008, she has maintained, designed and collaborated on hundreds of unique, residential garden projects.

Landscaping Professional

Steve Richardson

Steve has worked in the landscaping industry since 1980. His strength is in supervising crews to assure clients expectations are exceeded. Steve establishes a strong rapport and long term relationship with clients through frequent meetings and evaluations. He generates creative and economical solutions to existing site problems. He is capable of redesigning existing landscapes or creating simple enhancements. We consider Steve to be another asset to the R&S Landscaping team.

Property Manager

David De Boer

David is a graduate of Penn State University where he earned a B.S in Horticulture & a Commercial Horticulture from the NY Botanical Garden and is a NJ licensed pesticide applicator. David has a wide-range of knowledge in property management, turf management & horticulture. He has earned a NJ certified pesticide applicator certification. David has over 25 years of experience managing construction/property enhancement projects including; landscape plantings, new roofs and parking lots, construction of new offices, bathrooms, and renovations.

Production Manager

Jeff Kimmel

Jeff is a valued member of the R&S Landscaping team and has taken on the role of Production Manager. He has successfully earned his NJDEP Pesticide applicators license and oversees plant health care services and treatments. Jeff manages the R&S Landscaping Continuous Safety Training Program including company training and enforcing all safety policies and procedures. He is an excellent leader adhering to all the values of the R&S Landscaping team.

Vincent Salzone

Specialty Garden Production Manager

Vincent Salzone

Vincent is a knowledgeable gardener with over 9 years of green industry and horticulture experience. He is formally educated in landscape and horticulture, with a passion for working with residential clients to create and maintain beautiful sustainable gardens.

Irrigation Coordinator

Carla Kendall

Carla is an experienced logistics manager and customer service representative. Her previous experience includes the hotel and hospitality industries.

Lola Larios

Customer Service

Lola Larios

Lola is an accomplished and results-driven Customer Service Professional with over 18 years of expertise. She provides customer service and administrative support.

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